How To Choose The Best Dog Food

The food that you choose to feed your dog or other pets will profoundly effect the quality of their lives.

When choosing a dog food for your pet stay away from dog foods that are a mix of high corn and poultry by-product meals. Dogs need a high protein count with chicken or fish products.

When it comes to dog good, cheaper is not better. Keeping a low priced product requires cutting costs. In order to do this pet food manufacturers add the following ingredients to their dog foods.

Wheat Flour:

Wheat is the leading cause of dog allergies. No nutritional value comes from wheat flour. Companies manufacture the fine particles of wheat bran, wheat germ, and the offal from the “tail of the mill.” Basically it is the floor sweepings of leftovers in the mill after everything has been processed from the wheat.

Poultry By-Product Meal:

This is a high protein commodity made from clean, rendered parts of poultry carcasses and can contain bones, offal, undeveloped eggs, and feathers that are unavoidable in the processing of poultry parts.

Animal Digest:

Unspecified parts of unspecified animals which are cooked to a goopy broth and used as spray on or added directly to the food. This is unsuitable for human consumption. The grease that rises to the top is used as a source of fat and the rest of the mash is dried and used as “meat meal”. No quality control is used and this can be used as a variety of mixed dead, diseased, or dying prior to slaughter goats, pigs, horses, rats, or road kill.


BHA is a highly controversial preservative that is used on many pet food products. It is linked to cancer causing agents.

Brewers Yeast

Waste product that can become very toxic to the liver and can cause allergies and arthritis.

Also avoid ground yellow corn, high fructose corn syrup, propylene glycol, corn meal, beat pulp, ground whole corn, and high doses of salt.

For more information on choosing the correct dog food or other pet food in the Canton or surrounding Stark County Ohio areas, contact Lake Cable Animal Hospital.