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Dental care is an essential part of your pet’s health. One of the most common diseases in the world for cats and dogs is periodontal disease, which affects not the teeth themselves, but the gums and other tissues surrounding the teeth. If not attended to, it could result in other serious medical problems involving the liver, kidneys and heart. Some of the warning signs to look for in your cat or dog are badbreath, red and swollen gums, pain or bleeding when you touch the gums or mouth, and yellow brown crusts of tartar around the gum line. We believe frequent dental cleanings (done in the hospital) and good home care are the only effective treatments available for this disease.

One step you can take towards the care of your pet’s teeth is brushing your pet’s teeth, daily, using a soft toothbrush or fingertip toothbrush designed to fit in your pet’s mouth and toothpaste specially designed for pets. Please don’t use human toothpaste for it can upset your pet’s stomach. Also, don’t forget to plan regular dental check-ups along with your pet’s annual physical exam, at least once a year, with us.

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