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Lake Cable Animal Hospital - Spring tips for caring for your pets

May is Lime Disease Awareness Month, and while many are organizing walks, runs and other activities to alert people to the dangers of this tick-borne illness, it also is important to remember the impact spring weather has on your pets.

Warmer temperatures draw humans and pets alike outside more frequently, making us all more susceptible to the pests who become more prevalent during the warmer, damp days of spring and summer. The more time your dog or cat spends outside, the more likely they will be affected by these pests, especially fleas and ticks, which can, at best, cause irritation, and, at worst, serious illness. This is why it is important to stay current on all of your pet’s vaccinations and treatments.

We at Lake Cable Animal Hospital encourage you to keep up flea and tick treatments for your pets all year round, but we understand how easy it is to fall off your regular schedule when your pet spends less time outdoors during an especially cold winter. Now is the time to check that your pet is current.

If you aren’t sure whether your pet is current on flea and tick treatment, or any other vaccinations, call today. We can quickly check your pet’s records and arrange to have your dog or cat brought up to date quickly, so they are ready for an enjoyable summer.

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